H22a type s into a Jdm Ce1

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H22a type s into a Jdm Ce1

Post by Cordsir420 » Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:42 am

Hey fellow wagoneers! I'm sure this has been asked plenty of times, but I got few questions regarding the H-swap in Ce1. First of I have a JDM RHD 1997 CE1 ViX that I scooped last year from another forum member, and I'm in the process of purchasing H22a (type S). I want to keep it an auto, because I already have a Fa5 civic Si that's a 6-speed...so I want to have one auto. So here are my questions:

1. What is the best auto tranny to use with this setup...H22 auto, H23auto, F20b auto, etc....? And wasn't there a H22 auto with LSD? Obviously I want the one that is going to work best with the type s and ease of install. (Don't flame me I know the 5-speed lsd is the best option, but I want to keep it auto)

2. I want to retain power steering, AC, and keep it OBD2 to make it an easier swap. I know OBD 1 is better for tuning, but my plans are to keep it mild and not go pass I/H/E. Anything necessary for this?

3. I realize this may be a ridiculous question, but maybe some one has done it. Can I swap a the tiptronic shifter and transmission from a auto-stick prelude. And how insane of a process is it?

4. Does the prelude type s intake fit in the accord engine bay with an H22 in it?

5. Lastly, does my accord being Rhd make this swap easier or harder. Like as far as wiring, sensors, fit and filment, mounts, etc....?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, planning this swap in the next month or two.

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Re: H22a type s into a Jdm Ce1

Post by John » Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:35 am

1. I've never owned an automatic, so my knowledge is limited. The auto LSD was only sold in Japan, so you would need to find an importer to get one of those. I would tend to stay away from the US H23 auto, as that was only offered from 92-96 on the Si and the H22 at the time was manual only, suggesting that the H23 auto might not be adequate for the H22. But I really don't know.

2. As long as you keep the H22 reasonably stock, there is no need to tune. Stock ECU should be fine with I/H/E. I will note that the OEM H22 header is pretty good - I would replace this only if you are willing to spend $600+ on one of the good brands. Ebay headers aren't going to give you any power over the OEM H22 header.

3. I've never heard of an autoshift for a Prelude automatic.

4. I think the Prelude Type S intake manifold fits in the same space as the non-Type S manifold.

5. Rhd may be a problem, at least for wiring and fuel line. Buying a wiring harness conversion makes the wiring a lot easier and I don't know if you can find a wiring conversion for a rhd. Also, I don't know if the mounts are the same for rhd and lhd.
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Re: H22a type s into a Jdm Ce1

Post by mart609 » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:57 pm

4th gen JDM preludes came with an h22a Auto LSD, dunno about the 5th gens

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