Wagon knuckle same as sedan?

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Wagon knuckle same as sedan?

Post by grinderdust » Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:32 pm

Hello Everyone. New member here. I have been searching the forum and I think I am clear on this, but I want to verify. I'm in the middle of a rotor change nightmare on my beloved wagon up here in the rust belt. I've done wagon rotors before, but this one is pretty knarled up and seized. It's been soaking in PB blaster for weeks and bolts are still breaking. I'm wondering if I can use a whole knuckle from a sedan and just put the wagon rotor on it. I have access to a sedan for parts. Is it just the rotor size that is different? Or is the whole knuckle bigger for the wagon? What about the spindle, hub and bearing assembly?

Are there any part number references available for these cars? (91 ex wagon and sedan). It seems like I should be able to look this stuff up, but I don't know where.

Is there an easy rotor over hub conversion that fits the wagon exactly? I want to keep 4 bolt pattern and stock wheels. I see T.A.S is closed.

I have done quite a bit of reading and I'm still not sure on these things. Apologies if I missed something.

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