94 Wagon - Project Car - Oil in Antifreeze- Advice wanted

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94 Wagon - Project Car - Oil in Antifreeze- Advice wanted

Postby 94WagonMan17 » October 26th, 2017 12:56 PM

Hey all.

I bought a 94 accord ex wagon 5 speed vtec car a couple weeks ago. for $900. Rare car. With only 106k** on the odometer. Starts right up and seems to run fine. Under body rust is minimal for being a WI car.

Just drove it home from Wisconsin to Indiana. Runs and drives.

However, I need some advice on this car. I would really appreciate it. It seems the gentleman I bought the car from was a little bit of a bastard.
-Odometer stopped working the way home
-Gas gauge was broken, almost ran out of gas. Put in a full tank, and it starts leaking gasoline. Up were the fuel pump is. think its probably the fuel pump tank gasket. Leaking stopped when gas tank fill cap was removed. leaking will only last until pressure is gone.

Now for the big problem that has me wondering what im going to do. There is oil in the anitfreeze.(yes, im a moron for not checking more carefully) It doesn't seem to be a huge amount, it seems fresh(dark not milkshake, not mixed well) No anitfreeze in the oil. again the car seems to run and drive fine. I haven't driven it enough to get a pulse on the oil burn rate. The temp gauge on the cluster is broken. He told me the car had the thermostat changed, so its possible this car was overheating.

I bought the car thinking it was mechanically good, only needed cosmetic stuff and A windshield. Now it seems like it's gonna need serious work to get it going the way i want.

So could you all give your two cents on these questions?
- Is this car worth restoring?
-is headgasket common to go on this engine? F22b1
- Is cracked head or engine common on these engines?
- How difficult is the head gasket change on these?

thanks all. I was looking forward to bringing this car back into running order, for its unicorn status. Now I am a little concerned that this will turn into a never ending project. Trying to figure out what to do with this car.

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Re: 94 Wagon - Project Car - Oil in Antifreeze- Advice wanted

Postby edwin28 » December 16th, 2017 01:39 AM

Gees got quite of buy there. Sometimes when you get too involve in a car. You forget to check for a lot of things. That’s how they get you. I would say you already addressed the issues. Lol. Well I could Imagine the owner mixed antifreeze with the red one. Check the oil cap see if you see any milky residual I u do than u got a blown head gasket, if car ain’t heating I doubt it. Get that coolant flushed and got from there. F22 are a very solid engine. They last with proper maintenance. If your mechanically incline I would get her running.

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Re: 94 Wagon - Project Car - Oil in Antifreeze- Advice wanted

Postby LokRobster » December 22nd, 2017 08:00 PM

a 94 EX manual wagon with no rust is DEFINITELY worth restoring.
Personally, with all the issues you've noticed so far, I'd consider picking up a good used VTEC engine and replacing it - especially if you have an importer near by, you can often find vtec F22's for less than $500. Then you're starting with a good condition engine.
I bought a 1994 EX manual last spring, found it in El Paso - it looked like it had been buried in a sand dune for 15
years. it had "108,000" miles on it - according to the CarFax, the Odometer (and speedometer) stopped working in 2014.
The speedometer issue is super common on these '94s... google it and someone has a 'how to' guide on Honda Tech - it's the solder on the pins behind the speedo module that are crap. Melt them a little with a solder gun and they start working again. pretty neat.