Japanese Search: アコードワゴン

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Japanese Search: アコードワゴン

Postby LokRobster » May 27th, 2015 11:46 AM

I work for a Japanese company, we sell semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

I don't know very much Japanese language, but a lot of our machine schematics are in Japanese, so I have learned quite a bit about how their writing works. I've found that Katakana often is an English word when you know how to sound it out phonetically. "accord wagon" in Japanese is アコードワゴン , phonetically it says "Akodowagon", which is exactly how you would say "accord wagon" with a Japanese accent.

You can do a search; cut and paste those symbols (maybe add "CE1" if you want to narrow to 5th gen) and to a web search it image search and you can find lots of pics, jdm accessories, and Japan culture stuff that's pretty cool if you're a fan.

Enjoy your アコードワゴン !

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Re: Japanese Search: アコードワゴン

Postby John » May 27th, 2015 09:47 PM

Pretty cool.

I worked for Honda for 11 years and visited their R&D center in Tochigi about 12 times. I learned a lot about Japanese culture during this period. But I think I burned out - I don't have much enthusiasm any more to learn more.
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