Smoke near battery mystery

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Smoke near battery mystery

Post by sbrambo » Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:20 pm

The car (92 EX) was parked for several weeks in between me doing some odd jobs on it and the battery died. I removed it and gave it a charge for a few hours, put it back in and when I connected it I noticed some smoke coming from the open space to the right of the battery (as viewed from front of the car.) I disconnected it for a bit but hooked it back intending to move it back into the garage, which I did without incident.

Since then I've generally kept the battery disconnected, but for a few seconds when I hook it back up, especially after having brought the charge back up a bit, I still notice the smoke for a few seconds. I just replaced the ground cable tonight, having noticed that years of the motor shaking a bit had broken maybe half of the strands in it where it hooked to the transmission, and it did it again, but didn't last long. It seems to be near where the two cables are held by a bracket bolted to the battery tray.

The more I've seen it the less I'm worrying about it like I was the first time I saw it, but I'd like to either know what might make it happen. There should be almost no load on the battery when I hook it back up, beyond maybe a door light and clock and whatever the radio draws when turned off. Anybody got a clue?
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Re: Smoke near battery mystery

Post by SilverShadow » Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:49 am

The only reason it would smoke is because it has power going somewhere wrong. At least that is what I know about electric and smoke. Last time I had smoke in that area was when the stupid guy in Wal*Mart put in a new battery but pulled one off the shelf that was right...but the polarity terminals were reversed for a different location set up. Of course it went "poof" and smoke in that area you described. After inspection...I found that the 80 amp under the hood blew.
I think the recharged battery might be bad. I know it's expensive, but try a new Interstate battery. Also..before you hook anything up, do a long inspection of all the hook-ups; cables have zero flared wires,clamps are shiny clean (there is a tool that cleans them at auto store. I have one always within a few inches of me..yes it's next to the keypad) battery, as well as the shelf it sits on. Open the fuse lid and look at all the fuses making sure the big screwed in 80 is fine. Dumb next advice but worth blowing fuse...check polarity hook ups. I'm not fond of sparks and smoke and I'm sure it was not a selling point on our never dismiss it.
I hope this helped.
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