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  • Specifications

    US Specs

    JDM Specs Regular / Type S

    JDM Specs SiR Accord

    Euro Specs

    Bore x Stroke

    87mm x 90.7mm 87mm x 90.7mm / Same as regular 87mm x 90.7mm 87mm x 90.7mm

    Compression Ratio

    10:1 10.6:1 / 11:1 11:1 11:1

    H22A Engine Horsepower
    1993 - 1996 

    190HP @6,800RPM 200HP @6,800RPM / 220HP @7,200RPM *190HP @6,800RPM Type R 212HP @7,200RPM

    H22A Engine Horsepower
    1997 - 1999

    195HP @ 6,800RPM Same as above Same as above Same as above

    H22A Engine Horsepower
    2000 - ????

    200HP @6,800RPM Same as above Same as above Same as above

    H22A Engine Torque

    **158FTLBS @5,500 RPM 152FTLBS @5,500RPM / 162FTLBS @6,500RPM Unknown 158FTLBS @6,700RPM

    H23 Engine Horsepower

    N/A 200HP @6,800RPM Unknown Unknown

    H23 Engine Torque

    N/A 162FTLBS @5,300RPM Unknown Unknown

    Engine Codes

    • 90-93 SIR Wagon Code:
    • 94-97 Wagon SiR Engine Code: CF2
    • 98-99 JDM Wagon with the FF23A engine : CF6-E7

    *The SiR Wagon and the SiR Prelude have the same drive train*
    *Keep one thing in mind, the wagon trans has a lower gear ratio than sedan or coupe *

    JDM Part Numbers

    C. 37820-P0F-014 94-97 Accord SIR ecu for manual transmission
    D. 32110-P0F-010 94-97 Accord SIR Engine wire harness for manual transmission



    As for an intake, they are the same as a the sedan/coupe. Just make sure you get a header and intake that fits your engine size. Here is a list of aftermarket manufacturers.

  • Apexi

  • Injen Technologies
  • Greddy

  • Matrix

  • AEM

  • Ractive

  • Arospeed

  • Weapon R



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